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Alaska Slow Pitch Team Classifications

Team classifications are governed by USA Softball of Alaska with input from local associations.  New teams being formed must adhere to the state code on classification.

2024 Reclassification and Right to Appeal

The Classification board has met to discuss the 2024 season reclassification, below is the results from this meeting and adjusted placement for the upcoming  season: 

7.05 APPEAL:

A:   A team shall adhere to the following steps in appealing the decision of the local association classification board:

1. Appeal in writing, after competing in two (2) sanctioned USA Softball of Alaska tournaments, to the local association or District Classification Board.

2. A team may appeal the final decision of the Local Association Classification Board to the State Commissioner. This appeal must be in writing and submitted within fourteen (14) days after the Local Association Classification Board final decision. The State Commissioner shall render a final decision within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the appeal